Two decades after the first Independence Day invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-Solar threat. But will mankind's new space defenses be enough?
Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) on IMDb


The most dangerous former operative of the CIA is drawn out of hiding to uncover hidden truths about his past.
Jason Bourne (2016) on IMDb

The Horror

In the tradition of "Creepshow", "Tales From the Crypt", "Tales From the Darkside", and "Trilogy of Terror" comes 5 horrific stories in the ultimate horror anthology. The Horror Network Vol. 1 (2015) on IMDb


A new breed of aggressive, ravenous sharks cracks the frozen ocean floor of an Arctic research station, devouring all who fall through. Ice Sharks (2016) on IMDb

60 Seconds

A retired master car thief must come back to the industry and steal 50 cars with his crew in one night to save his brother's life.
Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000) on IMDb

Shark 4

The new installment of the Sharknado franchise takes place 5 years after Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! There have been no Sharknados in the intervening years, but now they’re appearing again in unexpected ways. Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (2016) on IMDb


Arthur Bishop thought he had put his murderous past behind him when his most formidable foe kidnaps the love of his life.

P1tch Bl@ck

A commercial transport ship and its crew are marooned on a planet full of bloodthirsty creatures that only come out to feast at night. But then, they learn that a month-long eclipse is about to occur. Pitch Black (2000) on IMDb


While the Kingdom of Korea is under occupation by the Japanese, an old and experience hunter is challenged by the hunt of the last tiger. The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale (2015) on IMDb


After a massive power outage, two sisters learn to survive on their own in their isolated woodland home. Into the Forest (2015) on IMDb


A team of international astronauts are sent on a dangerous mission to reignite the dying Sun with a nuclear fission bomb in 2057. Sunshine (2007) on IMDb


Years after a mysterious plague has devastated the planet and turned most of humanity into blood-hungry creatures, a rogue drifter on a vengeful hunt stumbles across a band of survivors in an abandoned police station and reluctantly agrees to try to help them defend themselves and escape to the sanctuary they so desperately need. Daylight's End (2016) on IMDb

Mates Vs. Zombies

Three Australian telecom tradesman find themselves trapped in a telephone exchange during the onset of a zombie apocalypse. Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse (2015) on IMDb


Based on true events, renowned mountaineer UM Hong-gil sets out on a mission to Everest to retrieve his late junior climber’s body and faces the greatest challenge of his life. The Himalayas (2015) on IMDb


Two sisters on Mexican vacation are trapped in a shark observation cage at the bottom of the ocean, with oxygen running low and great whites circling nearby, they have less than an hour of air left to figure out how to get to the surface.

Transformer 2

Sam Witwicky leaves the Autobots behind for a normal life. But when his mind is filled with cryptic symbols, the Decepticons target him and he is dragged back into the Transformers' war.
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) on IMDb

Review: JASON BOURNE (2016)

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Last Day

An imagined chapter from Jesus' forty days of fasting and praying in the desert. On his way out of the wilderness, Jesus struggles with the Devil over the fate of a family in crisis. Last Days in the Desert (2015) on IMDb


A failed American businessman looks to recoup his losses by traveling to Saudi Arabia and selling his idea to a wealthy monarch.
A Hologram for the King (2016) on IMDb

Bukas May Umaga

Zone 2

Hong Kong police officer Kit (Wu Jing) goes undercover in order to catch Mr. Hung (Louis Koo), the mastermind behind a crime syndicate. Kill Zone 2 (2015) on IMDb


Travis and his team travel to China in search of what isn't supposed to exist. Legendary (2013) on IMDb


An expansion of the universe from Robert Ludlum's novels, centered on a new hero whose stakes have been triggered by the events of the previous three films.

  The Bourne Legacy (2012) on IMDb


An ancient struggle between two Cybertronian races, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, comes to Earth, with a clue to the ultimate power held by a teenager.

Transformers (2007) on IMDb

The Last Exorcism

A troubled evangelical minister agrees to let his last exorcism be filmed by a documentary crew. The Last Exorcism (2010) on IMDb

G0d N0t De@d II

When a high school teacher is asked a question in class about Jesus, her response lands her in deep trouble. God's Not Dead 2 (2016) on IMDb

Quest For Power

When he is betrayed by a trusted friend, Mathayus must marshal all his strength and cunning to outwit a formidable opponent who will stop at nothing to unlock a supreme ancient power. The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power (2015) on IMDb

Scout Guide

Three scouts, on the eve of their last camp-out, discover the true meaning of friendship when they attempt to save their town from a zombie outbreak.
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) on IMDb
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